Using Plugins in Your Application

Using Plugins

Cloudify utilizes Wagon to create and install plugins.

Installing plugins in Cloudify CLI

To use plugins in Cloudify CLI, you can install them via Wagon’s command-line interface itself (which is installed alongside Cloudify CLI).

To install a plugin, run:

wagon install -s /path/to/wagon/archive.wgn

INFO - Installing cloudify_aws_plugin-1.4.1.dev0-py27-none-linux_x86_64-none-none.wgn


sudo privileges might be required if you use one of our CLI packages.

Uploading plugins to Cloudify Manager

Cloudify allows users to upload and download plugins to and from the manager, and also to delete and list plugins already on the manager. These abilities are exposed by the rest client via the REST API as well as via the CLI.

For a list of plugin packages you can download, see our downloads page.

To upload a plugin to the manager:

$ cfy plugins upload -p /path/to/wagon/archive.wgn

Validating /path/to/wagon/archive.wgn
Plugin validated successfully
Uploading plugin '/path/to/wagon/archive.wgn' to management server x.x.x.215
Uploaded plugin successfully, plugin's id is: f82610f0-42d6-4ce4-9efa-9ad21e4fd557

The cfy plugins command exposes additional commands like downloading and listing plugins found on the Manager.


When a plugin is uploaded to the manager, if this plugin matches the manager architecture, it will be installed on it. This plugin can then later be used globally by all deployments that require it as a central_deployment_agent plugin. Conversly, when a plugin is deleted from the manager, it is also uninstalled (if it was installed in the first place), unless at least one deployment is currently using this plugin, in which case, the delete request will fail.

central_deployment_agent plugins are installed using an internal workflow named install_plugin. If something goes wrong during plugin installation/uninstallation, you can get the failed execution id by running cfy list executions --system-workflows and look for a failed install_plugin or uninstall_plugin execution. Take the execution id and run cfy events list -vvl -e {EXECUTION_ID}.

Using the Web UI

Plugins management is done through the Plugins section in the Web UI.

Using plugins with in your blueprint

After having either installed the plugin in the CLI or uploaded the plugin to the Manager, blueprints can make use of it by having the plugin defined in the blueprint.


Read more about how to define the plugin in the blueprint here.

Uploading plugins during bootstrap

Cloudify enables uploading plugins to the Manager during bootstrap. For more on that, please refer to Plugin Resources.

What’s Next

Cloudify’s Team provides a set of Official Plugins you can use. You can find further details about them here, under the plugins section.

You can also write your own plugin. To see how, read this.